Guess the picture – Game template

Hello everybody! As I promised, here you have the template for you to personalize. Don’t forget to watch the video below where I show you how you can add the picture you want your students to guess. Even though most of my resources are free, I would really appreciate it if you decide to support […]

Song-Based Worksheet: Dynamite by BTS

Help your students practice their listening skills + phonetic transcription with this catchy song! BTS dynamite

You will find six ready-to-use activities and their answers so it is pretty convenient for teachers who do not have enough time due to their busy schedules

A Global History of Women’s Rights

Knowing what women have accomplished throughout the years should be studied in depth at school. However, this is sometimes not the case. In fact, some claim women have the same rights as men in every aspect but, we know, this is far from the truth.

To help a bit with this, I have created a video-based lesson around the topic of women’s right, most specifically, the events that paved the way for the rights (some) women have nowadays.

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